June 09, 2017

Helping Military Students Leverage their Unique Skills through an Online Degree

leveraging an online degree in the military

Veterans have a lot to offer when they return to civilian life, but it's no secret that some find it difficult to adjust at first. One factor that we know has a big impact on the chances of a successful transition is their degree. Whether they gained higher education qualifications before, during or after they left the service, veterans with more years of education after high school reported an easier time adapting to life after the military.

At the University of Miami's online program, UOnline, you can earn a master's degree from a top 50 research university. UOnline even has a dedicated military advisor who can help plan your career, choose the right course and access the right support to succeed.

Johnaton Burton, a senior advisor at UOnline, knows exactly how the transition from military to civilian life feels because he's been there. Johnaton served "eight wonderful years" in the US Army, but after service found finding a new career wasn't easy.

"The transition into civilian life was very difficult and, looking back, I think starting school immediately would have made the transition easier.

I believe military experience translates very well into most careers and industries, but sometimes it’s difficult for organizations to see the value in that experience and understand how to apply it. Starting school sooner would have given me the opportunity to learn how to better leverage my knowledge and experience into a new civilian career."

He suggests veterans should approach their career after the military in the same way they chose their Military Occupational Specialty.

"There will be many job opportunities but few career-matching opportunities. Career planning will alleviate the likely job-hopping caused by working in an unfulfilling role. Sometimes it’s necessary to acquire additional education to enter this new career and this is where the University of Miami can help. More than just a military-friendly school, the University of Miami offers online graduate degrees, which align greatly with military and civilian careers."

You can study for degrees such as an MBA, a master's in public administration, communication, sports administration or accounting. Johnaton says former service members could progress into careers ranging from financial analyst to operations director, from entrepreneur to human resources manager, to name a few.

UOnline is designed to be flexible, with 7-week classes starting throughout the year. Classes are taken one at a time and each is expected to require about 20 hours of study a week, but you can login whenever it’s convenient for you and set your own pace.

"University of Miami faculty anticipates students to be working professionals and strives to accommodate that aspect of the student’s life with a balanced syllabus."

The university also recognizes the military’s unique demands. If you get deployed, administrators and faculty can help you complete the course from wherever you're stationed, or you can apply for a "military withdrawal" and get a refund so you can resume your studies later.

"Every student is encouraged to attend weekly office hours for face time with each professor and a Q&A session. In addition, every student has an assigned academic advisor as well as an assigned student advocate for all support needs."

The university also supports military students financially, with most programs offering dedicated scholarships, which can cover up to 45% of the tuition costs.

For Johnaton, supporting military students is all about giving something back.

"It’s important because service members and their families made a great sacrifice for their country. Our services and benefits are one way of showing appreciation for their sacrifices"

To find out more about UOnline programs for military students you can contact Johnaton directly at 800-411-2290 or visit our website.