Optional On-Campus Opportunities

The MS Health Informatics program at UOnline is taught 100% online. However, students don’t have to sacrifice the networking opportunities they would receive if they attended the program on-campus. UOnline uniquely offers several in-person networking opportunities for students to make valuable connections with classmates, faculty members and industry influencers.

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Resolve Your Top Graduate Admissions Questions

Applying to graduate school can be a daunting task for even the most organized individual. The enrollment team at the University of Miami is here to help.

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Student Spotlight - David J. Louis Jr., MS in Health Informatics

When UOnline student, David J. Louis Jr., found the University of Miami’s online Master of Science in Health Informatics program, he knew that was the right path for him.

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Applicable Skills for Healthcare Practitioners

From information security to database design, the University of Miami’s online Masters of Science in Health Informatics program offers a rigorous curriculum that prepares graduates for a wide range of rewarding informatics careers.

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A Certificate or MS in Health Informatics: Which is Right for You?

With the right skills and education, anyone can launch or grow their career in health informatics. Discover which academic path in health informatics is right for you.

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