Prof. Doris Peek, PhD

Certificate in Health Informatics

Certificate in Health Informatics

Course Sequence

Certificate in Health Informatics - Course Sequence
Course sequence is subject to change.

Course Descriptions

HCS/NUR 685 - Introduction to Health Informatics

The course develops an understanding of the role of information systems and technology within a health care organization. It examines the business and technical issues associated with the selection, deployment, and use of health informatics, both in the clinical and back office areas. Health informatics, for the purpose of the course, is defined as the convergence of information technology, information management, and health care, at various levels, ranging from simple data gathering to the design and implementation of new health care information systems.

HCS/NUR 605 - Health Information Exchange

This course is designed to introduce informatics professionals to the basic principles of Health Information Exchange (HIE). The focus will be on interoperability between ambulatory clinics, acute care facilities, and long-term care; electronic health records; and electronic prescribing systems and consumer health care informatics. Special emphasis is placed on the role of HIE in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Prerequisite course: HCS/NUR 685.

HCS/NUR 658 - Structure and Processes in Health Care Organization and Health Policy

This course will explore health care organizations and health care policy, and how change is effected in both. Health care policy and planning to address health care disparities at the local, state, and federal levels will be examined. Organizational diagnosis, organizational change, and ethical dimension of public policy formulations and implementation will be highlighted. Prerequisite course: HCS/NUR 685.

HCS/NUR 603 - Healthcare Databases: Design, Development and Clinical Application

This course focuses on database systems, development, design, and implementation within the context of health care. Special emphasis is placed on the role of database applications for continuous quality improvement and regulatory compliance. Students will design a relational database applicable to informatics leadership responsibilities. Prerequisite course: HCS/NUR 685.

HCS/NUR 604 - System Life Cycle/Project Management

This course covers the identification and development of information technology plans for projects supporting a health care organization’s business objectives and all activities required in the initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing phases of the project’s lifecycle. This course is intended to provide the body of knowledge and best practices necessary for a new Consultant, Business Analyst, or Project Manager to successfully perform his/her responsibilities on an IT enterprise project. Prerequisite course: HCS/NUR 685.