Prof. Jonathan West, PhD

Marcia Beck

Dr. Marcia A. Beck is the author of Russia’s Liberal Project: State-Society Relations in the Transition from Communism (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000) and co-author with James S. Bowman and Jonathan P. West of Achieving Competencies in Public Service: The Professional Edge, 2nd edition (M.E. Sharpe, 2010), and with John C. Donovan, Richard E. Morgan, and Christian P. Potholm of People, Power, and Politics, 3rd edition (Littlefield Adams, 1993). She has at the University of Notre Dame (Assistant Professor, 1991-1993) and Bowdoin College (1988 – 2003), where she was a tenured Associate Professor (1996-2003) in the Department of Government. She won the Sears-Roebuck Teaching and Leadership Award at Bowdoin College in 1990, received a Teaching Commendation at the University of Notre Dame in 1992, and was a nominee for the Apple Polishing Teaching Award by the Association of Greek Letter Organizations at the University of Miami in 2012. Dr. Beck was a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University in 1991/92 and received a National Endowment for the Humanities special archival grant to research in Russian archives in 1993.

Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer completed her PhD in Public Management and Policy from the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California. Along with her co-authors, Jennifer is the winner of the 2012 Herbert Kaufman Award for Best Paper presented at the 2011 American Political Science Association Annual Conference. She is currently working on a project which focuses on how political institutions influence public policies at the local level, particularly in the context of local government service provision and resource allocation. She has experience in survey research and methodology, having worked with the Elon University Poll, the UGA Survey Research Center, the USC/LA Times Poll, and the California Public Officials Survey sponsored by the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise.

Michael E. Milakovich, PhD

Michael Milakovich holds a PhD, MA and MS from Indiana University Bloomington and a BA from UC-Santa Barbara. He specializes in digital governance, public administration, American government, and politics. He has authored or co-authored 15 books or monographs and published numerous articles, chapters, and reviews in top-quality journals. He served as MPA Director at the University of North Carolina and Project Director for the University of Miami Institute for Quality in Manufacturing and Service. He is a Life Member of the American Society for Public Administration; serves as an expert witness in state and federal courts; advises numerous public, private, nonprofit, and international organizations on policy analysis and quality improvement strategies; and is a member of several editorial boards. He is a tenured professor who regularly teaches graduate public administration and digital governance courses at the University of Miami and teaches online courses in American government and politics.

Kimberly Moloney, PhD

Kimberly Moloney holds a PhD in Public Administration, MA in International Studies, MPA, and BSc in Economics and International Relations. She is an elected board member of both the Section on International and Comparative Administration and the International Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration. She has been published in many academic journals including: Public Administration Review, American Review of Public Administration, and International Review of Administrative Sciences. Also, she has lived and worked in eight countries.

Rayna Stoycheva

Rayna L. Stoycheva received her PhD in Public Policy from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. Dr. Stoycheva’s research interests are in the areas of public budgeting and finance, and social policy analysis. She published several book chapters and research reports on state and local public finance issues, including revenue diversification, transportation funding, and nonprofit tax exemptions. Current articles under review evaluate the impact of federal pension reform on employee turnover, and the budget transparency of international organizations.

Michael Touchton

Dr. Touchton studies the political economy of development and underdevelopment in a comparative setting. His areas of interest include how countries attract investment and promote economic growth, how they reduce poverty and promote human development, and how they redevelop following the departure of major industries. Much of his research occurs in Latin America, but Dr. Touchton has spent considerable time addressing these questions in many other parts of the developing world and the United States. Dr. Touchton's research informs his work in the classroom, and his courses cover a wide variety of topics in comparative politics, and international relations from introductory to graduate levels.

Jonathan West, PhD

Dr. West is the chair and professor of political science and director of the MPA program at the University of Miami. Professor West has published nine books and over 100 articles and book chapters. For 16 years he has been the Managing Editor of Public Integrity, a journal co-sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, the Council of Governmental Ethics Laws, the International City/County Management Association, the Council of State Governments and the Ethics Resource Center. He taught previously at the University of Houston and University of Arizona and served as a management analyst in the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C .

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